Toronto is a haven for creative branding.

Take a subway downtown and the branding follows you from the first step in the tube to the second you step out at Dundas Square. It's everywhere in our urban environment and helps to suggest how we should feel when we experience the services and products companies offer.

What exactly is branding though?

It's the heart of your company, the icon or logo that communicates visually what you stand for, what you represent and what interacts on the front line with your users or clients. Like that trip you took to Thailand - branding should translate a paramount feeling. As such, it should aim to be as timeless as possible, like the iconic Coca-Cola branding, that you can recognize anywhere in the world. 

Branding expands on to the print material of your contracts, your brochures, your packaging. It covers every little detail of your digital media; your website's graphic design, its page layout, Facebook banners, Instagram pictures. It even covers the minutia of your typography (the fonts you use - sans serif or perhaps simply serif). 

What creates all the magic behind branding?

The main ingredient to successful branding is the beautiful toolset of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. If you take one peek under the hood of these programs you'll find a rich array of tools which manipulate simple photographs into masterpieces that can out perform anything conceivable of the last 20 years. 

As a business owner, it's important for our branding to match our own pace and what we represent. Though it's not important for us all to learn the methods of Adobe and design. 

Brand awareness and the price of time.

And this is the main reason why our company exists. We understand the headache of tackling yet another new task on the road of entrepreneurship, and, building on that truth, we believe in the empowerment of ease of access. You as an entrepreneur should not be encumbered by the art design of your company. If your focus is on physical health for your clients, then that's where your strengths and energy should be - whatever your service is.

What does this all end up equaling?

To be seen is to be seen.

To be heard is to be heard.

To be memorable is to be memorable. 

These 3 things are simple and to the point. In order for us to curb more influence we must have these ingredients. How are you going to make a difference in the world with your brilliant voice kept in your head? Let's open the door to our voices and be seen, heard and memorable - check yourself and your branding. Is it modern? Is it being seen, heard and talked about? If not, it isn't too late to catch the pack. Stay relevant and stay focused.