There was a time when a charming young man Kyle, or lady Kim, would come by our homes.

Dawning a smile and a wave, they would deliver our perfect paper mail. "Awesome - coupons for matcha lattes! Our fave."

Today, snail mail is dwarfed by the incredible speed and customizability of email.

This doesn't even mention the reduced costs of production or all the trees saved that work day in and day out making air for all of us. We can handle so much more with so little tools.

Do you have 100, 1000, 10000 or more customers? 
Let's mail that discount special for this weekend right now.
Done in a flash. 

Want to keep the conversations going after clients land on your website?

Let's drop them an email at the start of the month, middle of the month, or even on their birthday - timing is easily customizable.

Mail doesn't have to remain static and boring. We put the spice back into the interaction of receiving mail by emulating a face to face conversation. 

Remember Kyle & Kim? Well lets include their charm. We curate mail that's brag-worthy by including video introductions of YOU and YOUR product. 

Video email puts you in your clients' mailbox; ready to pop up like a genie in a bottle. You'll have a personal interaction that connects your brand with whatever device your clients interact with your content on. It's the best alternative to hand delivering all your promotions - one by one.

It all builds on the relationship you have with your clients. Keep the impression strong and friendly by nurturing the connection with meaningful content delivered when, and how, you would like it.

See your contacts grow and bring the charm back to receiving mail today. 

How does video email work?

After we've settled on the details, we draft, produce and shoot a movie starring you and your image. The video runs about 30-seconds and covers a greeting, the services or products you're marketing, and the Ask of your company.

And that's simply the skeleton of the video. To clothe the skeleton, we flush out a feeling we want to communicate in this bite-sized video with a story. 

Why are the videos so short?

The videos must be short. Period. We value our time and clients value theirs. They want to know the Ask as quickly as possible and they want to feel invited to start a conversation with you. And that's why the videos are so short.

We believe that if there's a way to tell a story we should leverage that opportunity.

The immense power in transferring a feeling is cathartic and sits at the heart of our ethics. So the next time you're considering emailing, remember Kyle & Kim and their direct emotional approach to interacting with their clients.

Convey the feeling in text or video and watch as clients rush to reach back out to you. 

Be memorable.