Another season, another cycle. 

Computers are in everyone’s pocket. We all use them to access the web. There is no greater time to create and tailor your own website to represent your brand, your personality, or that fun pet hobby of collecting whatever those things you call rocks are.

Let’s dive into the root of what makes website design so important to today’s business.

The first thing that comes to our mind is a spark connection - a way of communicating; a conversation, if you will, with the community and your potential clients.

This is digital marketing. And it drives the whole internet round. We share on our social media platforms all the details in our lives. Why should our business sites not echo that same format?

Leading into a conversation seems to be daunting…that is, for those who could use more experience, or help, from us :) 

The benefits of brand recognition are endless.

The first thing we want to do when someone reaches our site is to prime them with a feeling they can associate with our services. Think of it like this: You’re meeting that important contact for the first time. How should you present yourself? What will your greeting be like? How will you be dressed? (Clothed preferably!). 

All great concerns. Now I want you to imagine a past time when you had a smashingly good spark impression that drove to a rewarding relationship with mutual services being exchanged. What were the qualities that led to that experience?

We’ll recreate that connection for you - digitally, of course.

Websites are incredibly vital in setting the standard of what to expect from the first moment to the last interaction. It’s sharable art, it’s a business card, a CV, a handshake, or more importantly, a portal to you and your imagination.