oUr Process

Every good team practices—and every good business has a plan. Here’s ours.


Discover + Define

We'll meet to talk about your needs and vision.

You'll fill out one of our Get a Customized Quote forms for your new video or website.

We’ll quote you and together decide on price and timeline.


Develop + Draft

You’ll fill out one of our Let’s Get Started forms for your new video or website.

We'll put together a polished draft that we think you’ll love.

We’ll send the draft your way and request feedback.


Assess + Deliver

You’ll review the draft and give us feedback.

We'll make the requested changes.

We'll send you a revised—and often finalized—copy for your further review.


Deploy + Track

We’ll develop a plan to track performance post-launch.

We'll publish the final copy for everyone to see.

We’ll implement our plan to analyze the impact of the new product on your business.