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Logo Design - Kosmic Creative (Ultimate).jpg

Ultimate Logo

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Polished logo that tells a story and speaks to the character of your brand:

  • Creation of a clean, memorable, timeless, versatile, simple and relevant logo
  • Delivery of the most aesthetically appealing, fitting and effective font options
  • Development of a simple recognizable symbol that will complement the company name
  • Multiple quality versions presented from the get-go to add variety in choice
  • Sifting through 100s of alternatives for font choices as opposed to dozens in the basic plan
  • Delivery of white/transparent/alternative colour version to be used as a watermark for videos, etc.
  • Suggestions and support for optimal colour scheme using colour psychology integration
  • Development of a dynamic custom symbol that will endure the test of time and integrate seamlessly with your company name

Extended hours and depth for all of the above from the premium plan +:

  • 100% absolute no-questions-asked unlimited revisions, alternatives and choices until complete satisfaction